In year 2001 we got our first persian SILVER SHADED  cat.I was very unpatient  while waiting to pick him  up.When I first shaw him,I knew I would  never part  from him,for he looked  a little cat-angelwith beautiful green eyes and gentle look.
Our cats are parts of our family and they are moving  freely in the whole house.
I couldn t imagine them being locked is some cages couse they are our little playful cat-angel.
Therefore, we decided for breeding persian SILVER SHADED and GOLDEN SHADED cats.
We are located in Kutina ( app. 70 km away Zagreb).Our cattery registred in SFDH and FIFe   s member.
Our cats and kittens are  all nice,heatly,neatly vaccinated and tested on PKD (negative).

Jadranka Nedic-Klanfar